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WriteItNow 4 Characters

Use the characters tab to create and edit characters, generate characters and show and record character details.


The main text area is for entering details such as the character's name and date of birth.

At the bottom left is a section for entering the character's relationships.

At the bottom right is a section for the character's personality.

Select and edit characters with the toolbar at the top of the tab.

Creating Blank Characters

Click on the button. A blank character is added to the story.



Use the section at the bottom of the screen to edit a character's relationships. For each relationship you can record the start and end date, who it is with and the type of relationship. These relationships can be displayed as a chart.

Editing A Character's Personality


Use the section at the bottom right of the screen to edit a character's personality.

A textual personality description is generated from the trait values. There are over 100 traits.

Sorting Characters

Drag and drop Characters on the Tree View to re-order them.

Click here for details of Characters in WriteItNow 3.

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