What Writers Say About WriteItNow

Peter Spokes

New writer

In a few months my first book is to be published - and without doubt - largely thanks to your wonderful application WriteItNow.

I had looked at others, such as Scrivener - a very powerful application - but always returned to WriteItNow, which I find exudes a 'warm' and 'cosy' feel that the other doesn't.

Its ability to let you decide on using a level of simplicity or complexity, depending on your own desires makes it so enjoyable to use.

I would recommend this application to all tentative and serious authors. I was the former but this application has enabled me to become the latter.

Marianella Liga

New writer

I downloaded a few demos of different programs to start my writing. I am a novice.

I eventually started writing a few things just to get the feel for the programs.

I ended up writing close to 2,000 words using WriteItNow 5 that first day! I have continued writing daily and I look forward to writing as well.

Cindy Bennink 

People talk about how great this is for writing novels, and it is, but there are other uses for it as well. I began using it for my research on my ancestors. I would start a project using one ancestor and write about his life in book format.WriteItNow is the only software that allowed me the flexibility to do this (I have tried many other demos.)

John Ryan

New writer and blogger

I am extremely pleased with the WriteItNow 5 software. I had been shopping for writing software that would enable me to write better and assist me to stay organized and create characters which as a new writer was a challenge for me. I found that very few writing programs offered a free trial, and some simply cost too much.

My evaluation of WriteItNow 5 and the customer support has been exceptional. I have received responses within one day, and the support answered my questions in a professional manner, which is what I expect and so should you.

Whether you’re a new writer like myself, or have been writing for years, I highly recommend WriteItNow 5. With the free demo version you have nothing to lose and nothing to risk and no credit card is required. 


Leonard A Knotts

NanoWrimo Participant

Let me just say that I think your software is absolutely incredible.

It is hands down, the most useful writing tool I have found to date. It's absolutely incredible how much more I have accomplished in the short time I have used WriteItNow.

I am participating in NaNoWriMo and I feel that with your product I have just increased my odds for success this November.

Douglas Webb  


Thanks to WriteItNow, I went from working on one short novel to a trilogy and a prequel simultaneously and I am now over 80% done on all four. 

I was thinking today that there is no way I could have written these without WriteItNow. I spent ten years mulling over another novel and barely got a few chapters out -- and then I found your software and I've written nearly two thousand pages!

Marshall Gass   (Writer)

Marshall Gass is an enthusiastic user of WriteItNow who is now working on his fifth novel. 

Ryan McKinney    (Writer)

I love using WriteItNow

It's been fantastic in helping me organize my thoughts and get scenes in order.

It's been a game changer for me!

Kevin Perron   (New writer)

WriteItNow is so well laid out, so easy to use, so perfect, I'm finding it is allowing me to be far more creative than I thought possible. I find that I'm using the built in calendars to keep my time-line straight, add characters quickly as they pop into my story, outline notes and create events if I'm blocked. Then, hop right back into "Chapter" mode soon as I'm unblocked (which is relatively quick, thanks to all the excellent tools provided in the software).

Who knows how the finished product will turn out, but your fantastic software has allowed me to get past that first hurdle, and build up the confidence and courage to actually get started. I can't thank you enough.

Marcy Fletchall   (New author)

Just a quick note to say that I finished book 1 (85k words) and am on book 2.

Your software is incredible and I love it. 

WriteItNow has been a lifesaver on a number of occasions. It is a great way to sort out all of the information needed to write a great book.

Kimberley Adsitt   (Writer)

I love your program. It made my novel much easier to write. It's finished and I'm on to the next one.

Brooks Call   (Writer)

I’ve really been loving this program, actually did everything promised and more.

Mike Bodenheimer   (Writer)

Thanks so much for making the process of writing my novels a little easier.

WriteitNow makes me considerably more organized and that equals greater productivity!

Kathy Nelzen   (Author)

I use WriteItNow to write all my stories and books. Saves me buying index cards and littering the house with post it notes and scraps of paper! All the info is in one place, all sorted out. Genius!

Diane Peterson   (Writer)

Just wanted to say that I love WriteItNow. It is an excellent product with so many great features. I have tried other writing programs, but WriteItNow has the most to offer.

Maggie James   (Writer)

I have just finished my NaNoWriMo novel using WriteitNow and it made everything so much easier. I wrote my first novel using Excel to organise things and it was a bit messy - WriteitNow has changed all that.

I evaluated several writing software products before settling on WriteItNow and no other package came close in terms of ease of use, stability and features.  Web-site

Holly White  

Just wanted to say that I love WriteItNow. I have been using it now for almost a year. It provided exactly what I need to help get the chronology/continuity right in my story, which was what I chose it for- but it ended up being so much more helpful in even other areas (such as characterization, sequels, and events) than I ever expected! Thanks so much! This software makes all the difference!

Donna Lodge   (Writer)

Of all of the writing software I've tried, WriteItNow is the one I've exclusively moved to.

Catherine Lavoie   (Author)

I am currently writing my second novel and WriteItNow has been awesome.

Stephen Dougherty 

Author and blogger

I used WriteItNow from beginning to end of my novel Fish House and I honestly do not know how I would have completed the book without it. I would urge all writers to view the demo. It is well worth the modest fee Web-site

Jo Mosen Swanage  


I had three demo programmes on trial when I tried WriteItNow and it was decidedly the best although not the most expensive. I love it.

Robert Bidinotto

Best selling independent author

I am convinced that I wouldn’t be a best-selling author without WriteItNow.

One subtle benefit of WriteItNow is how it actually motivates writers to write.

By taking so much complexity and tedium out of organizing a book project, it makes writing much easier -- so much so that I'm far more motivated to rush to the desk early in the morning, get started at once, and work for marathon hours.Web-site

Pete Ford   (Writer)

My 70,000 word manuscript created with WriteItNow was submitted to an agent last weekend. I've been told I could have quite a wait for a reply, but I'd like to say that WriteItNow made it possible for me to create the manuscript in a reasonable time and gave me a professional-looking presentation. Thanks!

Christian Mo Zelin 

Writer and student

I'm not only using it for writing these days; I've found the structure of the program beneficial for arranging my notes at university too! Many thanks for this piece of wonderful software!

Charles McNabb   (Writer)

I've made greater progress with my book in the past 48 hours since I got WriteItNow than in the previous four months. This is the writing program I've needed.

Kim H. Striker 

President of Guppies

WriteItNow simply has the best organizational features while not interfering with the writing process.

Rolf Banting   (Writer)

I've made more progress in a few months with WriteItNow than I had in the previous 4 years.

Saeed Sabbagh   (New writer)

As a new writer I'm finding WriteItNow helpful in organizing my thoughts and ideas, from just a concept to outlines. I'm working on my first book and this software has been helpful in organizing and developing the stories I have .

Susan Rhyne   (New writer)

Love the program! I just finished the rough draft of my complete first novel in just under three months!

Glenn Skinner   (New writer)

I just wanted to write and thank you. I've never considered myself an author, though I have written for years for club newsletters and such. Late last year I had something I wanted to write but didn't think I could do it using Word or something similar. On January 23rd, I purchased a copy of your software and today on April 10th I finished the first draft of my fantasy novel. I've written 27 chapters and 131,0000 words! I never would have been able to do it without your software. Thank you so much for an amazing product Web-site

Annabel Joseph  

Established Author

I'm so hooked on WriteItNow I can't write without it. I love being able to hop between chapters when I'm writing, and the tabs make everything easy and intuitive, so I can focus on the writing instead of figuring out how to work the program.

I've used WriteItNow to write all five of my published novels.  Web-site

Galen Kindley

Writer and blogger

Thanks for great software that does what is says and is actually helpful. 

Fawn Germer

4 times Pulitzer prize nominee

I love your program. I've finally found the software that sorts out the chaos in my brain.  Web-site

Lorraine Cobcroft   (Novelist)

From first idea to final manuscript — from short stories to full length novels and non-fiction tomes — WriteItNow is the ideal tool for both budding and accomplished authors. 

Susie Kelly   (Novelist)

There are other programs on the market for writers – some costing hundreds of pounds, some highly complicated to understand, some free but fairly limited – but I have found that WriteItNow stands tall amongst the rest. The user interface is clean, self-explanatory and fuss-free, with tabs for chapters, ideas, characters, notes, locations, events; relationship charts and timelines; readability statistics, thesaurus, and so many other useful features that it would take me half a day to list them all 

Susie's books include A Perfect Circle and Two Steps Backward

There are other programs on the market for writers – some costing hundreds of pounds, some highly complicated to understand, some free but fairly limited – but I have found that WriteItNow stands tall amongst the rest. The user interface is clean, self-explanatory and fuss-free, with tabs for chapters, ideas, characters, notes, locations, events; relationship charts and timelines; readability statistics, thesaurus, and so many other useful features that it would take me half a day to list them all 

Web site

Susan Gower  

The character generator is a wonderful tool and as my story is set in 19th century America, this is a huge help

Robb Lightfoot

Lecturer at Shasta College CA

I intend to recommend WriteItNow to ALL my writing students.

James Crocker  

I am a budding author and was finding it difficult to keep all my thoughts in order and also to keep characters, scenes and chapters in order as well as being able to, at a glance, see what direction I needed to head in.  WriteItNow makes these things so much easier; the different tools are great and I could not recommend it highly enough to both beginning and experienced authors. And the price is a steal and well worth at least 2 or 3 times the price tag.

Doug Osborne

I'm not published (yet) but working on my 4th novel entirely in your environment. WriteItNow has improved and organized my writing so much that the fifth and sixth books are being developed the same way.

Joseph Roland

I'm simply amazed. Your software makes the most pain-in-the-neck part of writing in my view, organization, an absolute breeze. Thank you so much for creating this software

John Dawson

Your software program has revolutionized my story telling and I cannot thank you enough

Larry Feign

Creator of the 'Lily Wong' series.

WriteItNow is an outstandingly useful program for writers. Web-site

Alex del Arenal

A Spanish writer in Mexico.

I bought your product few months ago, and I can tell you it is a great application, even for beginning writers like me.

Dan Morris  

By the way, great software. Just what I needed. If I win the Pulitzer I'll send you guys an autographed copy.

Nola Baldwin

Children's Book author

I have to say, WriteItNow for the price is fantastic!

Bill Pavlik   (Writer)

I wanted to thank you for your program WriteItNow, the more that I use the program the more pleased with its performance I become.

Rev. James L. Snyder 

I can't tell you how much I love this program. I have used it to write 6 books in the last three years.

J R Lankford 

Author of The Jesus Thief

This is to let you know I find WriteItNow so remarkable that I'm using it to plan and write my new novel. It's very convenient to have all my character, setting and plot ideas in one place, along with chapters in progress -- and visible in a single interface. The time line and other features are proving useful as well. I like that your software offers formidable organizational tools and a few aids, but doesn't try to take over the creative process. WriteItNow will enhance, rather than interfere with, the growth of a writer's instincts and skills. Thanks for developing the ideal software for novelists. Web-site

Pepper Boyer   (MS.Ed)

I am beyond thrilled with the program. I had recently started a Young Adult novel and had gotten stuck because there isn't an easy way to organize my thoughts. I found the software because I was searching for a timeline so I could visualize the events. I was shocked at how much timeline software cost! Ridiculous. Then I had the brilliant idea to search for "novel writing software." And found WriteItNow. For me, the main selling point was the Charting feature. It has helped me tremendously.

Christopher J. Willett  

Science Fiction Writer

I have purchased numerous different novel writing packages and I found myself thinking more about how to use the software than writing a novel. Your software is simple to use leaving me to write instead of read and re-read a poorly written help screen. Thank you thank you! I love it!

Amanda Hyatt   (Writer)

I received a copy of your WriteItNow software as a prize for winning the recent WCCL Flash Fiction Competition. Just wanted to say that it's revolutionised my writing - I've already managed to finish off two children's novels that had been lurking in my cupboard for a long time. The easy layout, clear visuals and simple navigation on WriteItNow are absolutely superb. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Mike Sieber

Freelance copywriter

Just wanted to say this is an awesome program. Really makes organizing stuff pain free.

Steve Nicholls

Writer from England

I agree wholeheartedly with other comments about your software. It is intuitive to use and allows me to get on with the process of putting thoughts to paper! Thanks for creating such a good tool for writers.

Jules Carlysle

Author and political humorist

I wrote my first book in Microsoft Word and it was an organizational nightmare. That's eight straight months I'll never get back.

Now I've got everything in WriteItNow, research notes and all and I'm a much happier person. THANKS!

Mike Goodold   (Writer)

I have been using WriteItNow for quite some time now. WriteItNow, in my opinion, is outstanding. Thank you for making my Dramatic Writing adventure fun, enjoyable, and definitely more productive. 

I use your outstanding application on my PC Laptops. You have created the best writing software for creative writing, and you have done so offering it at the best value. Most of those overpriced writer applications do not come close to the simplicity, and elegance of WriteItNow. Thank you for making the difficult task of writing well much simpler.

Lindy Gibson   (UK Writer)

With WriteItNow I forget I am navigating as I work, it seems so natural.

Chris Tusa   (Louisiana Writer)

If you're a fiction writer, and you're looking for a great program to help you manage your story, be sure to check out WriteItNow. It's the best software I've found to help writers organize their thoughts. ...There's simply no software out there like it. Check it out when you have a chance. Web-site

Judith Malinoski   (Writer)

What a gift this program is to writers!

Cathe Jones 

Member of The Las Vegas Quill Keepers

WriteItNow is the ONE package that I will recommend to anyone who wants to create a solid, and well crafted novel, or even creative non-fiction piece.

Jack Clemens  

Contributing Editor for Writer's Digest

WriteItNow, a relatively inexpensive program, turns out to be a tremendous bargain. It's easy to navigate and filled with practical functions - everything from word processing, manuscript formatting and note organizing to a name generator and submissions tracker. 

Pauline Edward   (Author)

Every morning, after checking my email, WriteitNow is the next item on my agenda. I dump all the ideas I get as soon as I wake up! Again, thanks for a great working tool.

Sharon McKeehen-Bounds  

I knew there had to be a program out there that would help me organize my 'Great American Novel' and yours is just perfect!!! Thank you so much!

Michelle Detwiler  

I love WriteItNow. I am much more productive when I use it.

Matthew Ide

Author of "Taxoran"

Thanks for such great software. My writing is better for it.

Marco-Paul Smaal 

A writer from Holland

I just want to thank you for giving us such a fantastic tool; WriteItNow helps me to bring in a solid structure in my stories. The clean and crisp appearance of WriteItNow enhances my desire for writing, even when I have to push myself to write on a Monday morning... And the characters in my stories are well-constructed: it's a pleasure to create another fictional piece of human being! Thanks!

Doug Bell

A writer from Canada

I've been gathering data for a book for too long now, and this is the first time I can see it becoming organized and coming together. Having ideas, notes, etc. available at the click of the mouse, while working in the main text is like a miracle compared to past experience and I've tried a number of programs. They hold the data but accessibility to bits 'n pieces of data is cumbersome compared to WriteItNow.

Teresa Von Deesten  

Thank you for a well-designed program. I recently purchased the registration key and am using the software for my online writing classes. I can copy and paste the required lessons. Resources, research and assignments are completed and stored in one location. A novel way to use WriteItNow

Tracy Chatman  

WriteItNow is absolutely the best writing program I have ever used. I don't think I'd consider any other writing software.

Terry Parsons

I have used it for a while now and find it an indispensable writer’s tool. I especially like the Character Generators and Name Generators. They are just what the doctor ordered for writer’s block.

Peter Williams   (Mac User)

I love WriteItNow! I've tried lots of writers' software and this is by far the best I've tried. I've tried every piece of writers' software that's currently available, paying hundreds of dollars and WriteItNow is far better than the competition.

Jeff Hanlen

I'm a frustrated author. I have scrapbooks full of ideas, partially-written chapters, and rough outlines. 

This software is a writer's dream. Well done on an outstanding product, for an incredibly reasonable price. I love the add-ons, and eagerly anticipate future additions.

Doreen Roberts

Author with Harlequin Enterprises

WriteItNow does everything I need. After years of searching and paying out hundreds of dollars, I've finally found a software program that will organize my files, is simple to understand and all at a reasonable price. I have twelve continuing characters in my mystery series and keeping them organized was a major headache.

WriteItNow saves me time, my most precious commodity.

John D. Bullock  

I began this project six months ago with other software that I really like. I've transferred the whole thing into WriteItNow. It's already the most useful writing software I've ever used.

Nolene Jenkinson  

I'm enjoying using WriteItNow. A very convenient and user-friendly way to work on a novel.

Katherine Semple   (Published writer)

The way WriteItNow is organised works perfectly for me. I've investigated several other systems and find that WriteItNow allows me to throw away thousands of little pieces of paper.

Shirley Bragg   (Blogger)

There's a review of WriteItNow on the excellent "Characters In 60 Seconds" Web-site