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10 most recently added sites
Creating a Story Outline Using Threads and AllMyNotes Organizer  

Detailed and helpful guide to writing a story outline by David Lovelock.

Victoria Castonguay Books  

The blog of writer Victoria Castonguay.

Has numerous articles to help writers, including advice on a writing schedule, using writing software and the importance of unlikeable characters.

Journal Writing Course  

Helpful site with hints and tips on journal writing

So You Want To Write A Thriller?  

Michelle Spring, the author of six crime thrillers describes the ingredients needed for writing a thrill. What's the most important technique for thrillers? Check the article to find out.

The 4 Rules of Comedy Writing For Screenwriters  

Useful tips if you want to write something funny.

Sincerely Yours: 9 Best Literary Letters  

Discusses some of the best collections of letters including those of Jane Austen, John Keats and JRR Tolkien

Why You Should Keep a Journal (and How to Start Yours)  

Practical tips from LifeHacker on starting a journal.

How David Sedaris Writes  

David Sedaris breaks down his writing process. In short, he keeps a diary and connects ideas to form stories.

How To Write A Historical novel  

Elizabeth Crook discusses the important things to consider when writing a historical novel.

All The Birds in the Sky  

Web site for fantasy author Charlie Jane Anders. Her book All the Birds in the Sky has been getting rave reviews from places like The Guardian and The New York Times Book Review