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10 most recently added sites
Wayward Cat Publishing   

Wayward Cat Publishing was estabished in 2012 in Florida.

It publishes a variety of books for children and young adults including the award winning 'Wayward Cat Finds a Home' and 'Bury Me' which deals with hoarding.

Creating a Story Outline Using Threads and AllMyNotes Organizer  

Detailed and helpful guide to writing a story outline by David Lovelock.

Victoria Castonguay Books  

The blog of writer Victoria Castonguay.

Has numerous articles to help writers, including advice on a writing schedule, using writing software and the importance of unlikeable characters.

Journal Writing Course  

Helpful site with hints and tips on journal writing

So You Want To Write A Thriller?  

Michelle Spring, the author of six crime thrillers describes the ingredients needed for writing a thrill. What's the most important technique for thrillers? Check the article to find out.

The 4 Rules of Comedy Writing For Screenwriters  

Useful tips if you want to write something funny.

Sincerely Yours: 9 Best Literary Letters  

Discusses some of the best collections of letters including those of Jane Austen, John Keats and JRR Tolkien

Why You Should Keep a Journal (and How to Start Yours)  

Practical tips from LifeHacker on starting a journal.

How David Sedaris Writes  

David Sedaris breaks down his writing process. In short, he keeps a diary and connects ideas to form stories.

How To Write A Historical novel  

Elizabeth Crook discusses the important things to consider when writing a historical novel.