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10 most recently added sites
10 Minute Novelists  

Yes you can write a novel in 10 minute sessions. Katharine Grubb explains how she did this and how you can as well.

Funny, informative and very useful.

Hawk Media  

A great resource for anyone who wants to create a polished eBook.

Services offered include:
* Converting your work into digital format
* Proof reading
* Cover designs

David Lovelock's Web Site   

Has an extensive collection of writing quotes.

Duke Diercks' Blog   

Useful reviews of several writing programs and a very interesting blog

Wordnik Online dictionary  

Online dictionary which shows multiple definitions of a word and examples.

One drawback is that it is case sensitive when looking up words.


Summary of 23 top tools which help writers

Write To Done  

Has interesting articles on writing such as: "The Tarot as a Tool for Writing Your Novel"

The Time of Light   

Zorica's blog providing writing consulting and coaching.

Advanced Fiction Writing E-zine   

Extremely useful site for any serious writer. Randy Ingermanson provides a free monthly e-magazine packed with useful tips and information.

Recent articles include:

How to Make a Living as a Writer.
Proactive and Reactive Scenes.
Why Word Count Matters.

Some of the Best Destinations in Life Begin with a Detour   

New book by Lo Silvermann.

In depth discussion of life's inevitable detours and how to make the most of them