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Review of 'Making The Most Of WriteItNow 4'


'Making The Most Of WriteItNow 4' is a new book from Pinyon Publishing.  Its aim is to help writers  make effective, efficient use of WriteItNow 4.

WriteItNow 4 includes extensive help which describes each of the program's functions. This book doesn't duplicate this information. Instead it provides practical tips and help from a writer's perspective which describe how to use the software when writing a book.

The book has 112 large pages, each clearly laid out with extensive diagrams.

A free sample of Chapter One is available here and this gives a good idea of the high quality of the book. The following is a screenshot of some sample pages.

Sample Pages

What Is Covered

The book is split into three main sections: "WriteItNow Essentials", "Create & Develop A Story" and "Exporting & Tips".

New writers will find the first section particularly useful, especially the chapter describing essential tasks.

Every writer knows that developing a story is hard and this is where the main part of the book concentrates. For example, Chapter 3 "Begin Your Story" has a very clear section  helping writers get organized.

The final section has tips, keyboard short-cuts and information on exporting.

Who Might Use It

Anyone who has bought WriteItNow 4 will find this book a great help. Newcomers will find it very instructive and even experienced users will still find plenty of interest.

Where To Buy It

'Making The Most Of WriteItNow 4' is available from Pinyon Publishing.

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