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10 most recently added sites
Octane Seating: Guide to Finding andReading Scripts Online  

A great way for writers to begin studying and learning the art of screenwriting.

The guide delves into how professional scripts are typically formatted, and what makes a good script. The guide also provides information about the best places that budding writers can find free scripts online to analyze, as well as direct links to free scripts of popular films in variety of genres like: Good Will Hunting, Inside Out, and Bridesmaids.

The Page Turner Writing Awards  

Annual, prestigious awards for writers.

Giving you the chance to propel your writing career.

The Page Turner Awards aim to give writers the chance to secure a publishing contract or a film rights option, plus many more prizes.

Enago Academy  

Provides English editing services to authors, researchers and students with a separate knowledge sharing platform named Enago Academy that provides comprehensive and up-to-date academic writing and publishing resources for researchers and students across the globe.

Creativity Portal  

A packed site with a range of writing prompts and articles on creativity.

The Fastasy Author's Handbook  

Blog with detailed articles on the nuts and bolts of fantasy writing.


A very comprehensive site where writers of all skill levels can critique each others work.

Better Novel Project  

Writing a novel and wondering how to make it a better novel? Christine Frazier deconstructs best sellers and shows you how to write one.

Write to Done  

A site which helps you learn how to be a better writer.

Mary Jaksch and Laura Tong show you the writing skills which will help.

YouTube Video on Writing by Stephen King  

Tips on how to write by Stephen King

Almost an Author  

A packed site which has been voted one of the top 100 writing sites.
Very good section on writing Fantasy and Sci-Fi