Background Details

Keep any background information in the Background Details sections.

The most important sections are characters (WHO), props (WHAT), locations (WHERE) and events (WHEN).

This includes all notes on characters, props, locations and events plus any ideas you want to record.

Each project keeps your novel text and your background notes in one place.

Background details

Characters (WHO)

Record information about characters. Keep details of name, age, personality, relationships etc.


A character's age in the event summary is based on their date of birth.

Props (WHAT)

Record details of interesting items. E.g. the murder weapon, the painting in chapter 5 scene 3 etc. .


If there are important items in your story keep details in the props section.

Locations (WHERE)

Keep a note of every location in the book.


Add a picture to each location

Events (WHEN)

Keep a note when things happen.

Use the event summaries screen to view a table of events