Keep notes on the characters in the book in the character editor. 

You can add as many characters as you need.

In the sample story there are 3 characters.

Character 1 Paul

Character 2 Helen

Character 3 Alec

Add as many characters as you need.  

For each character there's a section for 

When you export the project as a book the character details won't be included. You can include them when you export the background details.

Characters in Sample Story
Character on the tree


Get a visual idea of character relationships using the relationships charts.

The Character Editor

The character editor

Use the character editor to add and delete characters

Select characters using the tree or the navigation controls.

navigation controls

Name and Description

Use this to keep details of the character's name, age etc.


The date of birth is used on the event summary.

Name, Age and Description Editor


Add a picture to remind yourself about a character.

TipThe picture can be shown on the tree

The Picture Editor
The picture editorTip

It's hard to find photos which match the way you imagine a character to look. Use a program like FlashFace to create character pictures.


Use the personality editor to add and remove traits to describe a character

The Personality Editor
The personality editor



  • Family relationships
  • Personal Relationships
  • Other Relationships

The Family Relationships Editor
Family relationships editor

Use the relationship editors to add and delete relationships.